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SPC Vinyl Warranty

Manufacturer warrants the flooring in their original manufactured condition to be free from defects in material and workmanship including milling, assembly, dimension and grading for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The manufacturer guarantees that its SPC Vinyl planks are manufactured according to its stated specifications and meet or exceed these requirements.

Pre-Installtion Requirements

Prior to installing your Sun Stone flooring, you or the installer must determine the job-site environment as well as determine whether the floor’s sub-surfaces meet or exceed applicable industry and product standards including the following:

  • Comply with all current environmental and building codes, regulations and laws
  • Follow all instructions on the pamphlet provided in each carton
  • Ensure the installation area and subfloor to be dry, sound and flat within industry standards. Product must be acclimated for 48-72 hours prior to installation.
  • A moisture barrier of 4mil-6mil must be used when installing the SPC Vinyl planks directly above concrete or cement subfloors.
  • Ensure installation area must be between 65°F to 80°F with a relative humidity between 30%- 50% for at least 72 hours prior to delivery and throughout the life of your floor to ensure warranty coverage.
  • Follow all instructions on the pamphlet provided in each carton
  • It is the duty of the owner and installer to inspect each plank’s finish prior to installation. This warranty does not cover materials with visible defects once it is installed. Please immediately contact your retailer if you are not satisfied with the flooring prior to installation.

Our flooring products come with a Limited Structural Warranty. The warranty applies to the original purchaser of the flooring only and guarantees that the surface will not wear-through or peel off the floor for the duration of the warranty. This limited warranty starts from the date of purchase, when used under normal residential or light commercial traffic conditions as defined by the manufacturer guidelines. Installation of the product confirms your acceptance of the product. Failure to follow Pre- Installation and Installation guidelines will void the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty does not cover damage from improper use, care, maintenance, or installation, including scratching, exposure to moisture and humidity, water damage, denting, telegraphing, fading, or staining. In the case of standing water or flooding, Sun Stone SPC Vinyl planks will not act as a waterproofing barrier for the subfloor and/or any surrounding structure. Any damage to the subfloor and/or surrounding structure that is caused by standing water or flooding is not covered by this limited warranty. For interior household use only. All usage, care and maintenance instructions must be followed.

Wear Layer Total Thickness Residential Commercial (light)
12mil 4.7mm to 5mm 10 Years N/A
20mil 5mm to 5.5mm 25 Years 5 Years
20mil 6.5mm 30 Years 5 Years
20mil 8mm and above Lifetime 5 Years

The manufacturer’s liability shall be limited to the sole and exclusive remedy of replacement of defective goods FOB Sun Stone’s warehouse, or at Sun Stone’s discretion refund in full or partial the price of such defective goods to the original purchaser on the invoice. If a product is unavailable or discontinued, Sun Stone reserves the right to supply new flooring material of similar color and quality to replace the defective area. The warranty does not cover all other costs such as labor costs, incidental and consequential damages including loss of use of the property.

The following prorated schedule applies to material values for all Sun Stone warranty flooring:

Material Pro-ration
Timeline Residential Commercial (light)
Years 1-5 100% 50%
Years 5-10 50% N/A
Years 10-20 25% N/A
Years 20-30 10% N/A
Terms and Conditions

Breach of the following conditions shall render the warranty null and void;

  • Liability is limited to the original purchase price or cost of repair to affected area(s), subject to the discretion of manufacturer;
  • Warranty is NON-TRANSFERRABLE;
  • Warranty does not apply to any product designated as “Closeout,” “AS-IS,” “Blowout,” “B-Grade,” “Discontinued,” Discounted” or” Clearance”;
  • The warranty period of the floor is defined as the length of time from installation to resale or from installation to removal, whichever is shorter;
  • Installation constitutes acceptance. The individual planks will vary slightly in color and appearance. The color and appearance of individual samples, panel, and displays may vary slightly from the color and appearance of individual planks;
  • The flooring shall be installed according to Manufacturer’s written guidelines (provided in each carton);
  • “Residential Use” is defined as the original purchaser owns and resides in the
    residence of the installation. Rental and Leased properties are excluded.
  • “Light Commercial Use” is defined by conditions and foot traffic which moderately impact the flooring. Examples include small healthcare office spaces, art galleries, boutiques, photography studios, styling salons and rented or leased dwellings. Definitions subject to manufacturer discretion;
  • The floor shall be maintained according to Manufacturer’s written instructions;
  • The floor shall not be altered or repaired without prior written authorization from manufacturer;
Limitations & Exclusions

The Limited Warranties do not cover conditions caused by improper use or maintenance outlined below;

  • Any wear or reduction in gloss, marks, scuffs, scratches, gouges, dents or cuts, including (without limitation) those caused by pets, pebbles, sand or otherwise abrasives, construction traffic or failure to maintain the floor as required;
  • Any damage caused by negligence, accidents, misuse, non-approved cleaners, or abuse;
  • Damage caused by furniture, appliances, wheeled items or other such items applied to the face of the material;
  • Installing cabinets or countertops over a floating floor is strictly prohibited and will render this warranty null and void. Manufacturer will not be liable for any associated replacement or repairs regarding such installations.
  • Failure to use transitions or expansion space where directed in installation instructions;
  • Failure to support furniture, appliances or other items of the like with floor protectors that are appropriately sized, made of non-staining felt, rest flat on the floor and are replaced regularly. The use of rubber, plastic or metal glides is not permitted;
  • Failure to maintain a constant room temperature of 65°F to 80°F with a relative humidity between 30%-50% during the life of the product;
  • Any splits, cracks, grain raising, edge fracturing, crowning/peaking, warping, twisting, expansion/contraction, telegraphing, buckling, mold, mildew or chipping that occurs during or after the floor has been installed and as a result of abuse, misuse, improper maintenance or care, improper installation technique and improper environmental conditions;
  • Damage caused by fire, flooding, and other natural disasters and acts of God;
  • Changes in color due to aging, excessive moisture, exposure to sunlight or UV rays will not be considered a defect. All vinyl flooring is sensitive to UV rays and will exhibit some change in color. Area rugs and large furniture should be moved occasionally, as they block sunlight and may cause the flooring to age at different rates or areas of varying coloration;
  • We do our best to have the most accurate representation of our floors in all marketing material and samples. However, variances may appear from digital photographs, printed photographs, sample material, finish texture, finish sheen and color when compared to the actual material. Any exact matches are to be considered coincidental;
  • Color or surface texture variations between flooring and/or samples and other flooring and/or samples you wish to match are not considered a defect and are not covered under warranty;
  • Accessories (including trim) are not covered under this warranty;
  • Deficiencies related to subfloor or floor joist assemblies, subfloor preparation materials and fasteners, including, but not limited to uneven subfloor surfaces, floor deflection or voids in the subfloor;
  • Noises including but not limited to squeaks, popping, creaks or sounds of the like;
  • Any shipping, construction or installation-related damage;
  • Floors damaged by subfloor moisture or water damage, including without limitation, due to broken or leaking water pipes, flooding, wet-mopping spills, long-standing water, weather conditions, wet slabs, basements, crawl spaces or high humidity levels;
  • Surface wear must be readily visible under normal lighting conditions and cover at least five percent [5%] of the surface area. Gloss reduction is not considered surface wear;
  • Any use of non-approved cleaning & maintenance products including, but not limited to, steam cleaners, string mops, sponge mops, microfiber pads, or pre-treated mopping pads, or cleaning agent products containing wax, oil, varnish or polish;

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